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8-9 June 2022
Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham

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We're back!

Two days of networking & interactive debate
8-9 June 2022

Introducing the next face-to-face Modelling World in Birmingham on 8-9 June 2022. 


For the 2nd time since 2019, we'll be able to meet in person and catch up on months worth of insights and experience from a truly unprecedented time in data and modelling history...


The triple whammy of pandemic response, urgent climate change mitigation and the disruption - possibly for ever - of the transport, social and economic trends we knew and loved (or hated) – has left the data and modelling community with new challenges and opportunities as it gets to grips with a range of new uncertainties.


Modelling World 2022 brings together UK and European experts – with a few international provocateurs thrown in – to meet, network, discuss and debate the way forward in an independent, convivial and professional space.


And don't forget the unique Modelling World buzz - which will be louder than ever this year – the excellent dinner, the UK's top data and modelling exhibition, the Master of Modelling Awards and networking drinks!

Health and safety is our key concern. Find out about the venue's COVID safe preparations here

The Conference

What's happening?

Modelling World

Networking Dinner

A unique opportunity to meet pre-conference, network and catch-up in an informal and social environment.



Organised by experts in the sector with extensive and up-to-date knowledge of current and emerging issues



Software suppliers, expert consultants, related equipment suppliers and 30 industry-shaping organisations


Masters of Modelling Awards

Awards recognising established and up-and-coming trail-blazers within the modelling profession

Who's attending?

The 17th Annual Conference & Exhibition for data and modelling

Modelling World 2022 is a live event that brings together the UK's professional – and rapidly developing and expanding – data and modelling community. Modelling World typically attracts over 350 delegates and 100 exhibitors.


This year, along with welcoming our committed community of expert modellers and data specialists from national, regional and local government, consultancy, entrepreneurs and innovators, we will be reaching out to professionals with increasingly relevant insights for transport modellers, including data scientists and modellers working in non-transport and cross-industry sectors:


  • Working with the energy and automotive sector

  • How can we work better with traffic engineers?

  • COVID modelling: public health models and the public face of models


We will also be thinking of the modellers of the future, and how we educate, train and support current and future modellers

  • Gender, inclusion and diversity

  • Education, training and skills

  • Career and professional development



Expert speakers


Exhibiting organisations


Modelling World 2021
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