We are organising Modelling World 2022 in Birmingham on 8-9 June 2022.

We’re now accepting suggestions for presentations, discussions, debates, demonstrations and workshops, on the themes listed below. There will be a mix of 15 minute presentations plus shorter talks, panel debates and workshops. Please specify which type of presentation you are proposing.

Please send your suggestion of no more than 250 words, including speaker, talk title and contact details, to Juliana by June 9 2021 at juliana.orourke@landor.co.uk

What we're looking for...

Key challenges of climate change modelling

  • What we're doing wrong with our existing models, when supporting an agenda that needs to look at zero carbon 

  • Modelling low emission zones –adjusting existing tools to answer specific questions

  • Understanding behaviour change and reflecting this in models: valuing different alternatives in the future

  • Optimisation models for climate impact, rather than travel time and other monetary benefits

  • Modelling vehicle choice rather than car ownership

  • Loosening restrictions on modelling – pushing WebTAG boundaries


Successful applications of not modelling?

  • COVID responses – decision support that did not include models

  • Pop-up cycle scheme modelling – examples of successes and failures

  • LTNs – can and should they be modelled?

  • Using artificial and human intelligence 

  • Learning from the pandemic: how to plan better in the future?

Strategic v strategy?

  • Strategic modelling vs modelling strategies. Modelling strategic questions rather than using strategic models

  • Using simpler models in the strategic context and early enough

  • Scenario modelling to support the strategic case

  • Successful model applications accounting for the Green Book Review


  • Operational research and data science

  • The road to Digital Twins – success stories

  • Leapfrogging the Western strategic model approach – examples from India

  • Modelling different road user behaviour in operational models

  • The switch to cloud based solutions for data analytics and modelling – examples of successful applications 

  • Open source tools

  • Workshop: opportunity for SMEs promoting new tools

Modelling emerging modes

  • Successful modelling of ALKs

  • Modelling the interaction with cars / vehicles / pedestrians / cycles /scooters 

  • Modelling system impacts of CAVs

  • Modelling MaaS – successful implementation in strategic models

  • Digital journeys – trip frequency or destination choice?

Data collection

  • Is the time to collect data now?

  • Using data to progress from weak signals to understanding emerging trends

  • Data sources that help disaggregate COVID impacts on travel patterns, to feed future models

Academia: how do we train / support the modellers of the future?

  • Gender and diversity

  • Education, training and skills

  • Career development

Cross-industry session

  • Using tools developed by people that are not hindered by our existing conceptual framework: their challenges

  • COVID modelling / similar mathematical concepts / biological field / physical fields – lessons learnt

  • How do we work with the energy sector? How do we work with automotive? How do we work with traffic engineers?

Freight models versus modelling freight

  • Changes in logistics and distribution processes that affect urban transport

  • Reflecting non-traditional freight transport modes

  • Lessons from international practice


Rail modelling

  • The modelling impacts of the Williams-Shapps review, such as peak vs off peak, reflecting ticketing better, the reduced importance of the commute.

Modelling World 2021